Kara Battinelli-Tramaglini

I didn’t think I needed a planner. I had everything already planned but I started to panic about who would actually see that everything is done the day of the wedding?! I couldn’t do it, and if I did, how on earth earth would I be able to enjoy myself?! Enter Faith. She was so exquisitely detailed and attentive, she made me feel so completely relaxed and trusting. I felt entirely comfortable putting the most important day of my life into her hands, and she did not fail. In the weeks and days leading up to the wedding, she was always available, even if it was just shooting a quick text about something small that happened to pop into my mind. Everything came together on the wedding day so perfectly and so seamlessly, I honestly could not have been so relaxed without her. She and Annette made my wedding day about me. I didn’t have to sweat the small stuff, and that’s what the wedding day should be about! I cannot recommend Faith highly enough, she is absolutely wonderful!!!

Photo Credit: Shutter Shades Photography

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