Lizzy McAdon

The man of my dreams proposed to be on the beach. It was the greatest day of my life. I woke up the next morning, still on cloud 9 until reality set in; I had a wedding to plan. I was freaking out like a teenage girl getting her first pimple. Only this time, my friends and family would remember the event for years to come. It had to be perfect.

So what did I do? I did what any competent person would do. I called Faith Ferguson, proprietor of Ferguson Productions to plan my special day.

Faith started by calming me down and telling me gently that everything was going to be alright. She told me she was going to hold my hand throughout the process. And with that, I decided to trust her implicitly. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

First, Faith created a timeline that listed everything from start to finish. Her plan was meticulous, her ideas were creative, and her confidence was assuring. This woman was proving to be the total package!

Faith gave her feedback on the decor of the wedding. Her taste and class rivals that of the late, great Jackie Kennedy Onassis. She sees colors and patterns like an artist, using my wedding as her canvas. She’s a real Picasso.

Now it was time for the big day and Faith was ready for acRon. Or shall I say Wonder Woman? I shall!

Starting at the church, my emotions were running high. My palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy. But Faith helped ease the situation by lining up everyone in the procession with military precision. It was one less thing to worry about as I was ready to walk down the aisle for a life changing event.

As we were ready to move on to the outdoor reception, one thing we didn’t plan for on this significant day was the temperate reaching a sweltering 100 degrees. Or so I thought. Faith and her fabulous team were ready, willing, and able to work in the blistering and unrelenting sun. They coordinated everything from the florists to the caterers. Nothing was overlooked. It was truly a Herculean effort.

In the end, this glorious day went off without a hitch. Faith lived up to the excellent reputation that preceded her. She has the eye for detail and the grace of a majestic Peregrine falcon flying into a breathtaking sunset over a picturesque mountain range. Not only would I recommend her services, but I endorse her character as beyond compare.

After this tremendous experience, I now have a new “greatest day of my life”.

Jen Schneider